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My name is Pierre B Erhard, a.k.a., The Mindful Arborist. I am a certified arborist who will travel anywhere in the world to make any arboricultural or horticultural job happen. I offer personal tree care for your residential or commercial property.

You will find that I am different than most commercial tree care and tree pruning services. What drives most tree services is making money. This agenda is what is driving the tree care industry in the wrong direction. I believe that the primary beneficiary of a service should be the customer, not the company.

The main problem with the company based system is the degradation of tree care. I see time and time again where a company uses power tools, instead of using the proper method of pruning, in order to quickly complete a job in order to get to the next job.

For example, let’s say that pruning all the shrubs on an estate costs the owner $5000 when done according to ANSI standards. Another company, who doesn’t keep ANSI standards, comes in and says that they can do the job for half the price. The customer thinks he is saving money, so he agrees. Power tools are used to cut the time for the job in half. This causes the shrubs to go into shock. Their immune system is significantly lowered. They produce a thick reactionary growth which is unnatural and is a haven for all the pathogens a shrub can usually resist, such as fungi and insects. Or, they suffer sun scald and die-back. The shrubs start to decline. Now the “expert” has to be called in to treat the shrubs for these pathogens. As the years pass, more and more treatments are required to keep the shrubs alive. Finally, they give up and need to be replaced. As you can see, this type of tree and shrub care is far more expensive for the tree owner, and far more profitable to the tree company.

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