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Tree Food and what we are really doing to our trees

What is tree food? I remember some things in my early childhood that formed my definition of food, and how and when to administer it. I remember finding a hurt bird that was obviously dying, and thinking that if I … Continue reading

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Putting a stump to good use

This is one thing you can do with a stump.

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What does Mindful Arboriculture look like?

How do I become mindful of arboriculture? Well, the concept is simple to understand, maybe not so simple to attain. Become aware of what we are doing to our trees. If you look at all the tree problems we have … Continue reading

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What is mindful arboriculture?

Mindfulness: purposeful awareness, or being purposefully aware. As it relates to arboriculture? Being purposefully aware of what you are doing with trees. Where your intention goes, you go. If your intention is to make money, then that is what you … Continue reading

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