The Mindful Arborist

Pierre Erhard, The Mindful Arborist

Pierre Erhard, The Mindful Arborist

I became an arborist in 1973, working for a well respected tree care company. My first experiences were to learn the skills necessary to perform tree care. I learned the “old fashion” way of tree care. I learned how to use tree pruning hand tools such as hand saws, hand pruners, and ropes. It was the belief of my mentors that in order to be an expert, one must first learn to do the job using hand tools.

Later when I was proficient at this, I was given power tools, including chain saws, power pruners, and various hydraulic equipment. After learning how to take care of trees and shrubs, I became a certified arborist. I continued working for a few years for other companies before starting my own tree and shrub care company.

After starting my own company, I quickly discovered that I am skilled in being able to work with people. I get a sense of deep understanding of how each customer wants their property to look and then make it happen. This combination of understanding and knowledge help me as a consulting arborist.

In 2006, I was elected Tree Warden for my home town of Wenham, MA. This volunteer job has sharpened my skills as a certified arborist, and has given me a compassionate way of working with people that a public official has to master