What is mindful arboriculture?

Mindfulness: purposeful awareness, or being purposefully aware. As it relates to arboriculture? Being purposefully aware of what you are doing with trees. Where your intention goes, you go. If your intention is to make money, then that is what you do, and arboriculture often takes a back seat. But, if your intention is tree care, if you are being purposefully aware of what you do with trees, you are being mindful of arboriculture.

People always say to me, “well, we have to make money…..” So here’s the deal with money: Why do people hire us? Do they say, “Pierre needs money, I think I’ll hire him.” No, they hire us to take care of their trees. They want someone to take care of their trees, they want to hire a mindful arborist, and they will pay for it. Therefore, practicing mindful arboriculture is not only good for the costumer and their trees, but it is profitable for the arborist as well.

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